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 Team challenges

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PostSubject: Team challenges   Team challenges Icon_minitimeMon 25 Sep - 8:20

Hi team - colleagues :-)

As I see, vlogvine also found the way here to this site - hello Very Happy

To my mind, Lydia makes a good job, and I want her to stay our captain. But I wished, there were a little more interactivicy within our team.
We got our Forum here to coordinate things, make suggestions, and so on.
So I will do this right now

At first, I want to say, that we should help Lydia making her job as the captain. ( I asked for example " Rob " the captain of "THE GENERAL STAFF", if he and his team would like to challenge our powerteam, during our playing and talking several nights )

But there is one thing, I have to remark:
I would like to be asked, if I like to play/ can play

Probably, my situation doing my job and my real life reduces my time, so that I have less time playing chess online.
Another example: I am on holiday and there are no games running in the moment, so that it is not necessary wasting vacation-settings.
In this case, I wouldn't know, if I were actually in a team - challenge, and I would lose with "timeout".

Sometimes it is not possible to go online every day - in this case it would be good to agree upon the "time per move" - setting within the team-challenges in arrengement with the captain.
(For instance : I would like to play, but I only can play, if there is 5 days/move and not just 3)

What do you think?

sincerely ....Nightwish Very Happy
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Team challenges
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