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Amir Bagheri
Amir Bagheri

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PostSubject: fisher   fisher Icon_minitimeMon 27 Feb - 6:59

mr. fishcer's new quarters:

i have read from an icelandic player that bobby fischer has going

to move from his current apartment in reykajavik ( i think i spelled

that right ) to a new larger permanent apartment next to the

police station and the local gym...he is reported to be very friendly

to the locals and is encouraging them to play fischer random chess
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PostSubject: Re: fisher   fisher Icon_minitimeWed 1 Mar - 2:58

Very Happy

you have manage to spell poor guy's name in 3 ways, in same post!

fisher (Subject headline)

fishcer ('s new quarters)

fischer (random chess)

Correct name is:
Mr Robert Fischer
/ Grandmaster and former World Champion of Chess /

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PostSubject: Re: fisher   fisher Icon_minitimeTue 26 Dec - 15:28

Thanks for the champ's update.It's good to hear he's re-locating near a
police station;because those crazy Amerikkkans maybe hatching a
kidnapping scheme.
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PostSubject: Re: fisher   fisher Icon_minitime

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