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 Avanced Puzzle 11

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Amir Bagheri
Amir Bagheri

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Avanced Puzzle 11 Empty
PostSubject: Avanced Puzzle 11   Avanced Puzzle 11 Icon_minitimeSat 25 Feb - 7:39

White to play and win in 4 moves

Avanced Puzzle 11 Inter11

1 Nf5 exf5 If the knight isn't taken then either Qg7++ or Qh8++ are Mate
2 Rxh7 Re1+ The only way to delay the mate on the next move
3 Rxe1 Bh1 / Any other move
4 Rh8++ Mate

to get the solution, run the mouse underneath the board
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Avanced Puzzle 11
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