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 Chess puzzle

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Amir Bagheri
Amir Bagheri

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PostSubject: Chess puzzle   Wed 22 Feb - 9:06

test test
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PostSubject: Re: Chess puzzle   Wed 22 Feb - 10:52

Great idea, I like it!
I already tested if it's possible to post chess puzzles here by putting the board together piece by piece using single image links, but that's quite a hassle... how did you do yours?

My solution (mark to read): > 1. Rb8! Kh7 [1. ... Rxb8 2. Bxb8 Ra6 3. Rxc5 Rxa3 +-] 2. Rxc8 Rxc8 3. Bd4 Bxd4 4. Rxc8 +- <
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Chess puzzle
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