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PostSubject: Alekhine   Fri 17 Feb - 10:15

My favorite player of all time is Alexander Alekhine.
On the chess board he was a energetic player, always came up with something that would shock the opponent. Too many of his games were amazing to pick a favorite. But what intrests me about him, was his life. He was a docter in law as well as a chess player, he went to prision 3 times (Ithink 3) he was going to be shot for spying, but he was resuced by a phone call from russia. In prision he played chess with his cell mates, He played Bogoljubow alot, but he was separted from him for a week when he look at the officers daughter and smiled. But he left prision, and won the world championship in a shock defeat of Capablanca buenos aires 1927(My favorite world championship match). But he lost the crown to Euwe in 1935, But won the title back in the return match in 1937, In 1946 he was to play Botvinink but a heart attack prevailed and he died 24th March 1946 at the age of 53, He was found dead in his hotel room in a armchair infront of a chess board. All of this and his chess has meant he is my all time favorite player.

Elliott (Alekhine on chesshere)
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PostSubject: Re: Alekhine   Thu 23 Feb - 8:08

I have to agree with you on Alekhine! His incredible combinative skills and his offensive style of playing make him my no. 1 chess idol.
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PostSubject: Re: Alekhine   Tue 26 Dec - 16:51

Yes, I love the immortal games of Dr. A. Alekhine immensely, but why did he decline Capa a return match ?
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PostSubject: Re: Alekhine   

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