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 Obscure Chess words

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International Grandmaster (IGM)

The highest official titles (other than world champion) for OVER-THE-BOARD play; first awarded by FIDE in 1950. One way of qualifying is to achieve a specific number of GM NORMS in tournament play. The standard of these has been raised more than once, but owing to be inbuilt inflationary bias in ELO RATING the number of qualifiers increases geometrically..

International Master (IM)

A title for OVER-THE-BOARD play instituted by FIDE in 1950.The most common method of qualifying is by reaching the required number of IM norms in tournament.


A percentage score relevant to a specific tournament categorie. For example in a single round ALL PLAY ALL of 16 players a score of 57% {8.5 out of 15} would be a GM norm in a category 13 tournament. An IM norm in a category 7 tournament, and a WGM norm in a category 1 tournament. In tournament conducted according to the regulations laid down by FIDE a sufficient number of norm may qualify for a FIDE title.


Federation Francaise des Echecs, this is the French name for International Chess Federation founded in 1924 and now recognised as the world governing body for most aspect of chess.

Categories of tournament

A classification based on the average ELO of the competitor. Each category embraces a span of 25, Category 1 being 2251-2275, category 16 2626-2650.These categories determine the percentage score needed by a player to achieve a norm. For example a category 7 tournament, 2401-2425, the lowest for which a GM norm is possible demands a 76% score for a GM norm, 57% for an IM norm, 43% for a FM and WGM norm and 30% for a IWM norm.


A German word, for a position in which whoever has the move would obtain a worse result than if it were the opponent’s turn to play.


German word meaning “time trouble”
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Obscure Chess words
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